What's inside? VIDEO: Pride & Joy: a passout parade with a difference -- behind the scenes: what it takes to build a conservancy -- VIDEO: arrival of our anti-poaching aircraft -- the power of engagement as a vital component of wildlife security as demonstrated by Malkahalaku Community Conservancy's newly graduated rangers -- expanding working partnerships -- enhancing our knowledge base through training -- VIDEO: quelea birds drinking in vast flocks create a striking Tsavo spectacle


What's inside? first for Malkahalaku community as conservancy anti-poaching rangers graduate -- next steps for Malkahalaku Community Conservancy -- Kenya burns her ivory stockpiles -- TsavoCon signs a formal partnership agreement with the Taita Taveta Wildlife Conservancies Association - the US END Wildlife Trafficking bill takes an important step forwards -- Tsavo, home of large predators including the endangered Cheetah


What's inside? mud & flood -- anti-poaching ranger training -- constituent-owned conservation -- taking StabilCon to new levels -- elephant poaching -- forests & endemic species in Taita Taveta -- a new KWS Director General -- joint US-Kenya efforts to combat wildlife crime -- the Martial, Africa's largest eagle